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ADA Signage is Required

Department of Justice published regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act "ADA" in the Federal Register. These regulations are called the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. The Standards are required for newly designed and constructed or altered state and local government facilities, public accommodations, and commercial facilities to be readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities.

ADA Accessible Design Guidelines: Chapter 7 - Section 703 - Signs

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gathering info. from blueprints

Our Process

Collaborating with Architects, Contractors, Property and Project Management by collecting information in order to develop design submittals for all required interior signs on a particular project.
We work closely with all parties involved to make sure interior signs follows ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

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Projects We've Been Proudly Involved With

Bally's Casino, Bellagio Resort & Casino, Disney's Grand Californian, Four Seasons, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino,
The Metropolitan Water District, to name a few.

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doing a survey through-out the whole property


We do as many surveys as needed throughout the whole process. First, to determine how many and where is the optimum area for sign placement. Second, for those changes not revealed on blueprints due to project always evolving. Third, for those last minute changes, in order to have an accurate count and location for each interior sign before manufacturing and installation.
Our motto, "Measure Twice, Cut Once".

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Who We Are

An Environmental Graphic Design Studio that develops ADA code signage design solutions for existing and early development public areas. We focus on planning and design of interior ADA code compliance sign programs, wayfinding systems and graphics development.
Our Professional experience include; Civic Facilities, Residential Developments, Commercial Environments, Hospitality, Health Institutions, Entertainment Industry and Parking Structures.

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Is your Property up to code?
We are here to Help.

Let us be part of your ADA code compliant interior sign design needs.

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